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The Kanoo Group celebrates the 48th National Day

The Kanoo Group celebrates the 48th National Day

Employees, as well as members of the Management at The Kanoo Group, came together to commemorate the 48th UAE National Day which was held in advance on 27th November 2019 at its Dubai Headquarters, including synchronised celebrations across its divisions in the UAE.

The symbols and colours of the UAE flag, in addition to cultural arts and crafts, were adorned transversely at Kanoo premises in the UAE to mark the spirit of the union.

Mr. Fahad Kanoo, CEO, The Kanoo Group ─ UAE & Oman and Mr. Jeffrey Singer, Group CEO, Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo, as well as divisional heads, graced the important celebration. The Kanoo Group hosted a banquet meal and special get-together with lots of entertainment and gift incentives for participants of games, fun trivia and Q&A’s.

Ms Maha Kanoo, Head of HR, Admin and Marketing, said, “We are delighted to share this special occasion with the entire country which embodies our sense of gratitude to our founding father and wise leaders with their 48 years journey towards a peaceful and progressive nation. This is a proud moment for us in the history of the UAE.”

“The Kanoo Group, being one of the pioneering family-owned conglomerates in the region, also witnessed and shared towards nation-building efforts as part of the industry for now over a century,” she further said.

Participants attended the event with colours and adornments of the UAE flag including scarves and badges, and symbols capturing the Emirati spirit. Moreover, a UAE traditional dance was performed by select staff which was well received by the crowd.

The Kanoo Group for years has been celebrating the UAE National Day as another milestone of achievement in several industries. With The Kanoo Group’s diverse workforce, the celebration they say means more than a festival. It is an inspiration to look forward to realising greater success in the future while paying tribute to the UAE’s strides and great achievements.