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The Kanoo Group joins the celebrations of the 47th UAE National Day

The Kanoo Group joins the celebrations of the 47th UAE National Day

Members of the Management and employees of The Kanoo Group joined the celebrations from across the UAE to mark the 47th UAE National Day to express their pride and honour to the nation's progress and achievements, driven by the country's leaders and inspired by the strategic vision of the UAE's late founding father, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

The celebration at The Kanoo Group's Dubai Headquarters was officially opened by Mr. Mishal Kanoo, Chairman of The Kanoo Group – UAE & Oman, through a cake-cutting ceremony, with the presence of Mr. Fahad Kanoo, Acting CEO of The Kanoo Group – UAE & Oman, including Department Heads and employees from different divisions.

The Abu Dhabi office also gathered its employees for the important celebration led by Mr. Mohamed Abdul Latif Kanoo, Deputy Chairman of The Kanoo Group, with similar celebrations at Sharjah office respectively.

The National Day events focused on the heritage and traditions of the UAE with Emiratis and their expat colleagues alike bearing the colours of UAE flag with traditional outfits, sharing the same spirit of national pride – built on the solid foundations of love, respect, tolerance and generosity.

As part of the celebrations, The Kanoo Group premises were decorated with striking UAE Flags waving outside the buildings with fabulous hanging decorations across the walls and ceilings depicting the colours of the national flag.

Employees witnessed and joined various activities and entertainment including contests with cash prizes, and a banquet highlighting authentic Emirati delicacies while playing renditions of the UAE national anthem, Middle Eastern folk dances, and music performances, on the background.

Additionally, the event at the Dubai office also showcased the 'majlis', a traditional and cultural symbol of family and neighbourly unity, and Arab hospitality, embellished with traditional Emirati crafts – featuring the country's rich heritage and culture.

The Kanoo Group for years has been celebrating the UAE National Day as another milestone of achievement from its diverse workforce in several industries while contributing towards building the nation that is in line with the UAE Vision 2021.