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Kanoo Toastmasters Club celebrated their 200th meeting
Dubai: 3rd November 2012

The Kanoo Toastmasters Club has recently celebrated its 200th meeting during which they recognized the huge role that The Kanoo Group is playing in making them one of the most successful clubs in Dubai and the UAE.

After a humble start in December 2003, the club started as a corporate club with only Kanoo employees as its members. However, after becoming an "open" club in 2007, the club went from strength to strength and now averaging about 40 active members. The club was also awarded the much sought after title of Distinguished Club in Dubai for the past three years, which is not possible unless you are a top performer on various categories.

Our Senior Manager: Human Resources and Administration, Mr Pieter Vorster has received the Clubs appreciation award on behalf of The Group during the clubs celebration function at the India Social Club. Pieter and the current Club President, Mr Reuben Dias from our Commercial Division has handed over this Award to the Deputy Chairman of The Kanoo Group, Mr Mishal Kanoo in a small ceremony in his office. They thanked Mr Mishal for all his moral and financial support over the years. Mr Mishal was one of the first members of the Kanoo Toastmasters Club.

Kanoo toastmasters also said farewell to one of their most qualified and dedicated toastmasters over the past years, Mrs. Usha Udayashankar, who is currently the secretary of the Kanoo Group's CFO and Director, is going back to India after 31 years in the UAE. Usha is one of the most qualified toastmasters in the region and accomplished the Distinguish Toastmasters Gold, which is the highest qualification in the Toastmasters organization. We wish her and her husband Bolan a happy return to India.

Toastmasters is an organization with the sole purpose of developing the speaking skills of individuals to make it easy to speak in front of an audience or group of people in any situation. The methods that Toastmasters training follows, makes it easy for everyone who wants to improve their skills to learn in a very practical environment between people who are on the same level with the same purpose in mind, to improve their speaking skills. For managers who want staff members to improve their presentation skills, Toastmasters training is one of the best value for money training programs available. The total cost to become a member is only AED 650 per year, which can be paid in installments. Once a Toastmaster member you will receive your CC (Competent Communicator), CL (Competent Leader) manuals and the monthly "Toastmaster" magazine delivered to you from Toastmasters International. Only AED 650 and personal commitment can make you a very competent speaker in only 12 months.

The Kanoo Club meets every second Sunday evening in the HAK Room in the head office in Bur Dubai between 7.30 – 9.30pm. For more detail on how it works, and or how to become a member, please contact the HR Department in Bur Dubai. Visit The Kanoo Toastmasters Club website at for club information.