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Maritime leaders gather at Kanoo Shipping's Annual Regional Meeting

Maritime leaders gather at Kanoo Shipping's Annual Regional Meeting

Bringing together prominent maritime leaders from its Middle East/Africa network, Kanoo Shipping once again successfully concluded its Annual Regional Meeting with this year's theme, "Onwards an Upwards." The meeting was held on 2nd – 3rd October 2018, onboard the iconic Queen Elizabeth 2 in Dubai.

Executives from Kanoo Shipping including Jonathan Bygrave, EGM-Kanoo Shipping, and Nikolai Norman, Head of Commercial Kanoo Shipping, as well as members of The Management Team welcomed the regional participants with the presence of Fahad Kanoo, Acting CEO, The Kanoo Group (UAE & Oman) and Ali Abdullah Kanoo, Member of the Board, Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo.

Kanoo Shipping Management together with representatives from key shipowner and commodity trading customers held a lively Q&A panel session aimed at gathering a better understanding of customer requirements, expectations and issues aimed at enhancing their mutual relationship as well as taking the opportunity to discuss emerging opportunities and challenges currently faced by the regional maritime sector.

Generally, the two-day meeting focused on enhancing customer value through efficiency and Industry IT leadership whilst underlining Kanoo Shipping's core fundamentals of compliance, transparency and sustainable excellence.

Kanoo Shipping is the first Arab shipping agency in the region in 1911 and one of the founders of S5 Agency World Ltd. At present, Kanoo Shipping is the largest regional shipping agency in the Middle East which operates in 20 countries and all principal ports and offshore tanker loading terminals around the Arabian Peninsula, including Iraq.

Furthermore, Kanoo Shipping handles over 15,000 ship calls every year through its professional network which covers all ports in the Suez to Sri Lanka range and East/South Africa.