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Kanoo Oil & Gas Division Hosts Technical Seminar Promoting Upstream Technology to Better Manage Multiphase Production Fluids

Increased Oil Field Production: Accelerated Recovery Using Multiphase Boosting Systems
Abu Dhabi: October 28, 2010

Abu Dhabi: October 28, 2010 - Kanoo Oil & Gas, a division of The Kanoo Group, in close collaboration with the Colfax Corporation and Rosscor International B.V., has initiated to host an interactive technical seminar at Le Royal Meridian hotel in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday October 27, 2010 in presence of over 50 invited attendees, comprising leading rotating equipment and process engineers from three operating divisions of ADNOC as well as from four global EPC’s (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) with offices in the UAE. The aim of the event was two-fold: to communicate the ‘true’ value added of using two-screw multiphase boosting systems in the upstream oil field sector and to share technical insight into the ideal system design for optimum reliability and performance.

Mr Mohamed Kanoo who opened the seminar said: “This type of interactive seminars create the right atmosphere for the sharing of knowledge in such a critical and emerging field like Multi phase pumping technology. I am sure all participants will benefit from this experience.”

“The response we had to this event was tremendous” said Shaikh Razauddin, Operations Manager for the Kanoo Oil & Gas Division. “We knew from recent visits with various end users and engineering firms alike that there was a keen interest out there. We just needed to provide the educational forum and content to satiate their thirst for knowledge.” Mr. Razauddin continued to say, “From an end user standpoint, ADNOC is not completely foreign to the technology. They have been leading the way in the GCC since 2001 conducting field trials on various types of volumetric and rotodynamic based multiphase boosting systems to validate the technology. With almost a decade of field experience under ADNOC’s belt there was a healthy back-and-forth dialogue and the questions posed to our presenters from Colfax and Rosscor were clearly ‘real world’.”

“When the ‘true’ operational value of multiphase boosting systems is clearly understood it opens up a whole host of possible uses and advantages to reservoir engineers and production managers.” said Mike Moore, Director of Global Oil & Gas Marketing for the Colfax Corporation. “It’s versatile and reliable. It’s a robust solution for any production toolkit, improving the controls that engineers have over the output rates from the wells” added Mr. Moore who was the lead-off presenter for the seminar. He continued by saying, “At the heart of our systems we use a rotary positive displacement two-screw pump. This volumetric pump type is able to handle fluctuating fluid stream compositions from the reservoirs, ranging from 100% liquid to 100% gas, without the need for costly pre-separation or flow conditioning and the additional associated infrastructure. By drawing down the back pressure on the down hole wells, this technology can be used to enhance production by allowing a well to flow more freely. Reduced back pressure means more output. Accelerating the extraction rate translates into earlier profits for the producer now.” Mr. Moore concluded, “Improved flow assurance is also a major benefit of multiphase boosting systems. The additional energy being introduced into the production network helps to keep the multiphase flow moving.”

Mr. Gep H.W. Geesink, the Marketing Director from Rosscor International B.V. and the co-presenters at the event commented that “As crude oil prices continue to rise, the desire to accelerate oil field production is becoming a priority once again. In the world of oil production timing is everything. If you miss the window to harvest reservoirs there are no second chances.” Mr. Geesink continued to remark that “We shared with the seminar attendees the fact that our systems were specifically developed to satisfy the need for the shortest possible delivery lead time while maintaining the quality of the equipment. They can be manufactured quickly, mobilized efficiently and installed in a matter of days due to our plug-and-play design. The integrated packages are modular with many pre-engineered standard features, but with provision for some customization. This arrangement significantly compresses the engineering design phase of the project execution schedule” concluded Mr. Geesink.

Colfax and Rosscor have deployed over 100 multiphase boosting systems since the mid 1990’s to the international oil industry, many in harsh, remote environments with minimal operator support. Most of the units are working in full parallel operation, in some instances with as many as 6 pumps boosting the total well production. This unique system capability allows the boosting station configuration to change, thereby managing the evolving output from the production reservoirs.

As a world-class supplier of this specialty technology, Colfax and Rosscor provide Life of Field support to ensure that the commissioned multiphase boosting systems are optimized to deliver the highest production throughput. Lessons learned from the field and feedback from the end users are continuously channeled back into the system design to provide the best technical solution with the best quality.

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