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Kanoo Travel and Government Promote Bahrain As A Tourism Destination
Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain: December 06, 2010,

Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain: December 06, 2010, - Kanoo Travel, the largest travel management company in the Middle East, today announced that they have partnered with Bahrain’s Tourism Sector and Ministry of Culture to promote tourism in the country during the cruise season, which takes place from November 2010 to April 2011. As a part of this initiative, Kanoo Travel will be offering tourists, who disembark from inbound cruise ships, a number of tour options including customized tours of the Kingdom.

Bahrain’s Tourism Sector and Ministry of Culture, which has always been in the forefront in promoting Bahrain as a tourism and cultural destination, has encouraged the initiatives by Kanoo Travel to offer tourists only the best facilities and services to ensure that their stay in the country is memorable and comfortable.

Approximately 52 cruise ships are expected to dock in Bahrain during the cruise season with ‘The Spirit of Adventure’, a cruise liner belonging to SAGA, being the first vessel to dock in the country on December 2, 2010. Some of these ships have already arrived in Bahrain since the start of the season on 22nd of November, 2010. Kanoo Travel welcomed ‘The Spirit of Adventure’, which made its very first foray to Bahrain and arranged various day tours for over 220 tourists, who disembarked the ship.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Mona Kanoo, Creative Director, Kanoo Travel, said, “First of all, I would like to welcome all the tourists to Bahrain, my home and my country. My dream, throughout the years, has always been to promote my island and make it a destination worth visiting not only for its modern infrastructure and latest developments but also for the authenticity of its heritage, culture, traditions and its ancient history as well as for its contributions to the rest of the gulf nations in the past. We are islanders, people of the sun, genuine and warm and we are proud to be so. We love Bahrain and are devoted to its well being. I am thrilled about the cruise liners choosing Bahrain as one of their destinations. It is a wonderful feeling knowing that Bahrain is receiving the attention it deserves. Once again, welcome to Bahrain.”

Over the years, Kanoo Travel has gained the reputation of being the most reliable travel company in the region and a one-stop travel services operator. The close relationship between the Kanoo Family and the Bahrain Government can be traced back to several decades. Through its several businesses, the Kanoo family has played prominent role in the growth and development of the country and is looking forward to investing further in the development of Bahrain as a preferred tourism destination.

Kanoo Travel has a team of multi-national and multi-skilled staff who are able to offer a range of tailor-made tour itineraries, which cater to the visitors’ varied interests. The travel company has also arranged shuttle trips for tourists who want to leisurely stroll down the streets of Manama.

Kanoo Travel has worked closely with Bahrain’s Tourism Sector and Ministry of Culture to work out country tours for tourists that will cover Bahrain’s most important landmarks, which include the Al Fateh mosque, Bahrain International Circuit, The Bahrain Museum, the Saudi – Bahrain causeway, the Tree of Life and the Oil Museum to name a few. The business generated from this initiative will help Bahrain’s Tourism Sector and Ministry of Culture promote local talent and encourage several related industries such as handicrafts, ethnic restaurants, transportation and entertainment.

Kanoo Travel’s vision is to be a ‘one stop’ travel services provider that offers a complete range of products including corporate travel management solutions, holiday packages, international car rental, travel insurance, health tourism, and inbound tours to name a few. The company provides the most comprehensive and specialized services in the travel industry, placing special emphasis on servicing and managing relationships with its large customer base in the region for which it has won numerous service-quality Awards in both the leisure and business travel sectors.

Kanoo Travel’s extensive network, international partnerships and local experience in the travel industry allows the company to offer exclusive services to its customers. Kanoo Travel is looking forward to successfully implementing this inbound cruise management venture in Bahrain and hopes to extend similar services to its customers in the UAE, Oman, Egypt and Qatar in the near future.