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The Kanoo Group celebrates the 44th UAE National Day

The Kanoo Group celebrates the 44th UAE National Day
The striking UAE Flag waving outside The Kanoo Group building and the splendid hanging decorations across the walls and ceilings depicting the colors of the national flag, marked another year of the Spirit of Union to commemorate the 44th UAE National Day.

Employees from across every division flocked together and joined the festivities on 1st December 2015 with a meaningful banquet as a traditional celebration of The Kanoo Group for the National Day event which is being held every 2nd December of each year.

The warm festivity was felt across the UAE, with the usual adorning T-shirts, bags and shoes, and even cars, in every season from different cultures and countries - people from different backgrounds waving the UAE flag with a deep sense of pride and joy.

For 44 years, many people and organisations have seen the historic rise of the UAE including The Kanoo Group which is one of the pioneering/oldest and longest running companies in the Middle East; from a humble beginning into becoming a world-class leader. Nowadays, the UAE is receiving enormous recognitions around the world not only for its strong diversified economy but also for its smart, sustainable and innovative project management practices.

Members of the management and staff of The Kanoo Group shared the same sense of honor for the success and accomplishments of the UAE and its Unity, as they gathered together for the annual celebration, filled with a real sense of Emirati hospitality from Arabic food, arts and crafts.

Mohd Sagher Mubarak Mohammed Mubarak and Khalid Abdul Hussain Ali from Kanoo Machinery, members of the UAE equestrian club, also joined the National Day celebrations representing The Kanoo Group at Al Ahli Horse Riding Club, an organization that aims to teach a wide range of people of all ages to ride and to be able to care for horses.