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The Kanoo Group wins LinkedIn's 2018 Best Talent Acquisition Team in MENA

The Kanoo Group wins
LinkedIn's 2018 Best Talent Acquisition Team in MENA

The Kanoo Group, one of the largest family-owned conglomerates in the Middle East, has won 'The Best Talent Acquisition Team' Award for 'Other MENA Countries' category at the recent LinkedIn MENA Talent Awards held at the Palazzo Versace Dubai on 4th October 2018.

The MENA Talent Awards was held with the support of Her Excellency Noura Al Kaabi, Minister of Culture and Development, and Dr Hayat Sindi, one of the world's leading biotechnologists and Senior Advisor to the Islamic Development Bank's President for Science, Technology and Innovation.

Held for the fourth consecutive year, the event recognises some of the biggest companies in the Middle East that have made a mark in the recruitment and employer branding space who have used LinkedIn solutions to make a significant impact within their organisations.

The Kanoo Group's Talent Acquisition team won the Award for their efficient use of the LinkedIn Recruiter platform in promoting The Kanoo Group as an 'employer of choice' for talent across the MENA region and in engaging with both active and passive candidates for key roles in the company.

Maha Kanoo, HR Director said, "We are proud of our Talent Acqusition Team for earning such a special award. Our collaboration with Linkedin has helped us to attract talent, including UAE Nationals which is an important aspect in supporting the UAE Government's Emiratization programme."

"Our Talent Acquisition Team working together with our Marketing Team, which has driven traffic to our LinkedIn coporate page, has significantly enhanced our brand presence on LinkedIn, where we have quadrupled our followers and achieved tremedous levels of engagement with customers, employees, candidates and potential future hires," she further said.

Speaking about the recent award, Amna Al Mheiri, HR Manager – Talent Management said, "I am delighted that our team has been recognised by LinkedIn for their work. We hope that this award will contribute to our brand strength and reputation and will positively impact our employee retention and engagement. It is also a great encouragement to continue pursuing excellence in our recruitment policies."

Fatna Jabeur, Sr. Talent Acquisition Officer explained, "We use the LinkedIn data insights to analyse the region's recruitment trends as well as to choose the right candidates from a vast LinkedIn talent pool which brings our company a competitive advantage."