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Kanoo Shipping Partakes in DSAA's 3rd Outdoor Football Tournament
Dubai Men's College held on November 16, 2012.

Football stars from Kanoo Shipping took part in the Third Outdoor Football Tournament at the Dubai Men's College held on November 16, 2012.

24 teams battled for this year's big tournament. For the second year in a row, The Kanoo Group organized two teams from its various divisions.

Fahad Kanoo succeeded to score two goals during the games, resulting in one of the teams to reach the quarter finals - for the second time in two years.

"We would like to thank Mr. Mishal Kanoo for always supporting these events, which not only assists in bringing together the divisions but also builds a good team spirit which can only be a good thing. We have high hopes that next year, we will go further in the tournament and we intend to start regular practice sessions in order to improve our fitness levels and understanding", said John Drinkwater, Kanoo Shipping Manager.

The overall Champion was won by the Globelink West Star Shipping. Simatech Shipping managed to be the Runner Up, followed by UASAC Emirates for Third Place. Noah Lawrence from Globelink West Star Shipping brought home the prestigious award, 'Player of the Tournament'.

The sponsors for the said event were Mahesh Mohan (BOMINFLOT), Ajay Menon (Intl. Bunkering), Maha Abdulmajeed (Shell Intl. ME), Mikkel Jacobsen (MONJASA DMCC), Irfan Dhalla and Ali Canani (Red Pearl Logistics), David McKerchar (AlMar Containers), and Mohd. Sameer (Rover Logistics).

This annual event is organized by Dubai Shipping Agents Association (DSSA). It is a part of their objective to foster and strengthen the relations of the shipping agents' community in Dubai.