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Kanoo Shipping Leaders Gather for a Regional Meeting
November 19, 2012 at the Taverna Restaurant, Dubai Marine & Beach Resort - Dubai, UAE.

Kanoo Shipping is the largest regional shipping agency in the Middle East with offices in 19 countries and handles 11,000 port calls every year

On the occasion of The Kanoo Shipping Regional Meeting, top officials covering extensive area in the Gulf, the Red Sea and Indian Sub-continent joined together for a reception and dinner held recently on November 19, 2012 at the Taverna Restaurant, Dubai Marine & Beach Resort - Dubai, UAE.

The evening was hosted by the Kanoo family & Kanoo managers from Middle East shipping offices, together with their overseas representatives and partners.

Among the prominent people from Kanoo family who graced the event are Fawzi Kanoo, Mishal Kanoo, Khaled Kanoo, Fahad Kanoo and Ahmed Kanoo. Top clients, ship owners and staff from The Kanoo Group also attended the significant gathering.

Robert Moss, Executive General Manager of Kanoo Shipping said, "Despite all the benefits of modern technology, which enable us all to do our jobs faster, better and more cost effectively, we still believe there is no substitute for direct personal contact with our customers. This gathering has been a wonderful opportunity to cement old and create new relationships with our clients in an informal atmosphere."

The regional meeting focused mainly on addressing industry issues and bringing together the key players of Kanoo Shipping in all its offices in UAE, Bahrain, Iraq, Oman, China, Japan, Pakistan, Djibouti, Jordan, Qatar, Egypt, Korea, Saudi Arabia, USA, Greece, Kuwait, Seychelles, Yemen, India, Lebanon and Sri Lanka.