The Kanoo Group celebrates 46th UAE National Day

The Kanoo Group celebrates 46th UAE National Day

Employees from across The Kanoo Group divisions in the UAE, members of the Management including Mr. Mishal Kanoo, Chairman of The Kanoo Group; Ms. Maha Kanoo, General Manager for HR and Marketing; and Mr. P.S. Ganapathi, Director/Chief Financial Officer gathered for a celebration to mark the spirit of the union, held last week in Dubai Head office.

The UAE's 46th National Day was observed through a symbolic meal gathering for employees featuring the local cuisine and displays of traditional creative arts and decorations. Employees showed up with festive moods and patriotic fervours as they wore costumes and embellishments with the UAE colours and others with traditional dresses, while some waved the UAE flags and performed cultural dances to the tune of the local songs.

Mr. Mishal Kanoo graced the ceremonial cake-cutting to start the celebration. He said, "Today, we all come together to celebrate our success as a reminder for us to honour our Founding Fathers for the birth of our nation. We reflect on the greatest achievements of our country as we embrace and harness innovation and technology, with the UAE becoming the central hub for business around the world."

Similarly, the Abu Dhabi office also gathered its employees for the important celebration led by Mr. Mohamed Abdul Latif Kanoo, Deputy Chairman of The Kanoo Group.

Showcasing a glimpse of the rich cultural heritage, employees at Dubai HQ enjoyed the main stall attraction of the famous Majlis (an Arabic term meaning "a place of sitting"), one of the cornerstones of Emirati hospitality where families, friends, and neighbours would socially gather, in addition to assortments of UAE-inspired confectioneries and giveaways to add delight to the festivities.

The gathering in Dubai was organised by its Emirati HR Manager for Employee Services (UAE & Oman), Ms. Maryam Al Busaidy, together with the HR team led by Mr. Matt Cooper-Bradfield, Head of HR.