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Kanoo Machinery launches new Hyster and UTILEV technologies in the UAE

Middle East Electricity 2015 and Perkins Distributor Council Conference PSG, Perkins strengthen tiesKanoo Machinery, a member of The Kanoo Group hosted a Materials Handling Event at its Abu Dhabi and Dubai premises on 14th & 16th April 2015 respectively, to demonstrate a new range of Hyster® and UTILEV® forklift trucks equipped with the latest innovations and accessories, into the UAE and GCC market.

The purpose of the Materials Handling Event was to reveal Kanoo Machinery's range of premium, standard and utility Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) forklifts to guests, suppliers and customers in the region. This three tiered offering helps customers select the best equipment for their specific requirements in almost any type of business according to price, intensity, environment, service requirements, dimensions and many other factors.

As the authorised Hyster and UTILEV distribution partner in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Qatar, Kanoo Machinery introduced the Hyster Fortens for premium, feature rich forklifts and the new Hyster TX for tough, self-service and lower cost forklifts in 5 capacities ranging from 1.5-3.5 tonnes, with engine options covering diesel, LPG, petrol or dual fuel to meet a wide range of applications requiring streamlined solutions, from logistics to manufacturing, agriculture and construction. In addition, Kanoo Machinery also featured a lower intensity, utility range from UTILEV, a sister NACCO Materials Handling Group (NMHG) company.

NMHG is a leading global designer, engineer and manufacturer of materials handling equipment offering the most comprehensive range of these type of trucks in the industry. NMHG provides unparalleled global product support for Kanoo Machinery as the Hyster dealer in the Middle East. In 2011, NMHG began introducing the UTILEV range of affordable forklift trucks, which deliver reliable and cost-effective materials handling solutions for certain industries and applications, particularly where users require equipment without advanced functionality or attachments.

Mr. James Newman, Area Business Director – Middle East & Africa, NMHG, said, "Our mission is to deliver high-quality, application tailored lift trucks, offering the lowest cost of ownership, outstanding parts and service support and best overall value to customers all around the globe."

Kanoo Machinery, which is part of the renowned Kanoo Group, was established in the mid 1960's and has grown to become one of the leading materials handling equipment companies in the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) region offering a full range of innovative products and services aimed at providing solutions that increase the efficiency and lower the cost of customer operations.

According to Mr. Deon Klerck, Divisional Manager, Kanoo Machinery, "Innovation continues to be a very important value for Kanoo Machinery. For us a big part of this involves understanding and responding to customer requirements. The material handling equipment industry in the Middle East market is quite different from elsewhere in the world and requires solutions that are specific to the region"

He further said, "For this reason we have been working very closely with NMHG for the last 12 months in an effort to develop products that cater to these specific needs and we are very excited to reveal the result of this hard work. We now offer the market three significantly different value solutions in the mainstream 3 tonne diesel forklift truck market segment.

Mr. Michael Phelan, Territory Manager, Middle East & Africa, NMHG, made the introduction of 3 Tiered ICE Forklift truck offering across the GCC. He explained, "With three levels of products, we now have a solution to suit every business in the region, allowing us to match a truck's ability to customer requirements exactly."

The Hyster® Fortens - Premium Forklifts

The Hyster® Fortens is widely regarded as one of the toughest and most advanced forklifts in the world, featuring highly developed electronics. The Fortens models feature electronically controlled DuraMatch ™ transmission, with one and two speeds respectively, providing: Auto Deceleration System (ASD), controlled power reversal and controlled roll-back on ramps; Fortens Advance+ models feature a DuraMatch™ Plus2 transmission, providing: throttle response management, dynamic auto deceleration system, auto-speed hydraulics with automatic inching control; first gear with increased draw pull for use on gradients, and second gear for maximum efficiency for longer travel distances. The operator compartment features class-leading ergonomics to maximise driver comfort and productivity. It is the fastest and easiest lift truck to service. With proven reliability in extreme 24/7 operations, the Hyster Fortens is packed with many features that help optimize driver performance and deliver a low cost of ownership.

New Hyster® TX - Standard Forklifts

Described as "Hyster, pure and simple", the TX series is built to deliver reliability and strength, combined with straight-forward servicing, at an attractive price to suit the majority of businesses in the region.

As tough as any Hyster product, the new TX series is an essential truck for the Middle Eastern market with an excellent package of core features such as proven reliability in high ambient temperatures and demanding environments found in the Middle East. The trucks feature uncomplicated electronics, making them ideal for many customers with self-service requirements.

The 1.5-3.5 TX series is manufactured to ISO standards at the NMHG state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Obu, Japan. It has features such as ergonomically designed operator compartment, swing down gas tank, counterweight, engine cover, hydrostatic steer axle, advanced dash display, hydraulic controls, Hyster® Vista™ Mast, steer column, hassle-free hydraulics, integral side shift, heavy duty drive axle and removable floor plate.

The Hyster TX has 2-stage and 3-stage mast options of up to 6580mm, are J-hook mounted for less wear and easier maintenance. It features Hyster® Stability Mechanism™ (HSM) which reduces truck sway during turns, thus improving lateral stability and ensuring confident travel over uneven surfaces.

The truck can be customised to suit a vast range of applications with optional integral side shift carriage and various front end attachments. A power shift transmission, with heavy duty clutch plates and a full floating heavy-duty drive axle, gives enhanced dependability for a longer service life. Self-adjusting brakes provide an excellent inching and stopping power, and the hydrostatic steer axle gives excellent steering control for easy manoeuvring in any busy operation.

The Hyster TX is a tough and simple truck for the standard market place.

UTILEV® – Utility Forklifts

The UTILEV range of forklift trucks delivers reliable and cost-effective solutions for applications across many industries, particularly where users require equipment without advanced functionality or attachments. Simple to operate and easy to maintain, UTILEV forklifts use proven, high quality, robust components, and have excellent cooling. They are ideal for operations where the truck is required to work for limited periods in the working week.

The UTILEV ICE forklift trucks are designed to meet the needs of light-to medium-duty operating environments while keeping your operating costs low.