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The Kanoo Group launches eLearning for employees in partnership with New Horizons
Dubai, October 3, 2011

Dubai, October 3, 2011 In an effort to reform conventional Human Resources (HR) function and establish itself as a strong platform for online training, The Kanoo Group, a Gulf-based multinational group of companies with over 100 years of entrepreneurial experience has recently launched their new eLearning facilities designed to maximize employees' learning at their own time and pace.

The new eLearning strategy is part of The Kanoo Group's commitment to sustain human capital and growth while continuing to drive future initiatives that reflect its core values of global teamwork and continuous improvement.

The Kanoo Group's online training caters to all its offices for employees across the UAE who are registered for eLearning, and have internet access, can take part in any scheduled courses. The Kanoo Group partners with New Horizons Computer Learning Centre who will provide the training modules that will meet the diverse needs of the employees. Thus, employees will be able to train online in the eLearning centre, office station or in their own time from wherever they are just by logging in to the training website.

By using the latest technology, The Kanoo Group is committed to encourage and support their employees to constantly upgrade their existing knowledge and skills or learn new ones, for the benefit of their own careers as well as their specific roles in the Group.

Pieter Vorster, Senior Manager, Human Resources and Administration for UAE and Oman said, "Our goal is to impact business performance through improving ability of our organization to acquire, share and retain information and knowledge."

Through a self directed learning culture that aims to enhance employee productivity, The Kanoo Group foresees that this concept will grow every year and believe that it will maintain the company's position as one of the preferred employers in the UAE.