Elastogran Kanoo Polyurethane Systems LLC

Elastogran Kanoo Polyurethane Systems LLC BASF is strengthening its business on polyurethane to customers across Gulf region. The BASF subsidiary, Elastogran and The Kanoo Group have agreed to create a joint venture (Kanoo 51%, BASF/Elastogran 49%) under the operational lead of Elastogran. This joint venture has acquired the polyurethane business of Multi Chemical Est. in Abu Dhabi from Al Hamid Group by end of May 2008. Moving forward, the partners plan to construct a new polyurethane system headquarter in Dubai Industrial City. The production of PU systems by the joint venture commenced in 2010.

Our specialized Services

  • In House Lab Testing facilities with most modern equipments
  • Most modern high output reactors
  • Storage facility
  • Well organized delivery solutions
  • Highly qualified and efficient technical staff

Elastogran Kanoo - Products

PIR Systems / PUR SystemsMB 4000, MB 320 HD, MB 251 B, MB 250 C, MB 250 N/A, MB 2000 LA

  • This is used for cryogenic applications, where temperature fluctuations have to be controlled. Polyisocyanurate are fire rated systems. This is the system used for LNG pipe lines and similar applications.

Spray SystemsMB 40; MB 50 MB 35

  • This is used for spray foam application on roof tops for insulation and water proofing purposes.

Pour SystemsMB 140 P; MB 150 P

  • This system is used where maximum time is required from mixing to foaming. Applications are varied from filling valve boxes to ordinary application like door / panel filling.

Pipe SupportsMB 4000; MB 320 HD

  • This system is used to make pipe supports for LNG pipe lines. This will be able to sustain temperature variations
  • Panel SystemsMB 140 P, MB 141 PE, MB 142 CP

    • This system is used to produce sandwich panels, both continuous and discontinuous applications.

    Water Blown Systems MB 160 W

    • Specially formulated using water as blowing agent. This system is used for pipe in pipe insulations.

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    Elastogran Kanoo Polyurethane Systems LLC

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    Phone: +971 4 4470807

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    web: www.elastogran-kanoo.ae

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