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The Kanoo Group hosts the 20th Kanoo Blood Donation Drive

The Kanoo Group hosts the 20th Kanoo Blood Donation Drive

The Kanoo Group, as part of its CSR programmes for the year, hosted the 20th Kanoo Blood Donation Drive held at its Bur Dubai office on 11th March 2019. Employees, as well as staff from joint ventures were encouraged to donate blood at the event which was organised by the Marketing Department, in cooperation with the Blood Donation Center - Latifa Hospital.

A total of 62 successful donors out of over 80 volunteers from the group contributed remarkably in favour of the success of the campaign to save lives and to encourage more employees to get involved in the community.

The campaign is also designed to raise awareness about the need for safe blood donations. In line with this drive, the Dubai Health Authority's (DHA's) Blood Donation Centre launched the 'Dami' blood donation app which allows blood donors to answer donation eligibility questionnaire and read pre-donation educational material through their mobile phones before they give blood.

Ms. Maha Kanoo, Head of HR and Marketing, said, "Coming together and uniting for a common cause can really make a huge impact. Helping people in need especially saving lives is the greatest form of kindness one can offer to a fellow human being."

In response to the success of the initiative, Mr. Ali Islim, Marketing Manager (UAE & Oman) remarked, "We are delighted by the good turnout of employees who supported the noble cause which has increased from last year's number. I hope this would serve as a source of inspiration for others in the future."

He added, "We thank all blood donors for their commitment and how they have touched lives in immeasurable ways. Remember that one donation can save up to three lives!"

The blood donors each received a token of appreciation from The Kanoo Group for their active participation in the recent blood campaign.