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The Kanoo Group pays tribute to UAE National Day

The Kanoo Group pays tribute to UAE National Day

Employees at 'The Kanoo Group' came together to commemorate the UAE's 43rd National Day on 1st December 2014 with festivity and colors of the UAE ag adorned all around The Kanoo Group building in Bur Dubai to highlight the spirit of union and honorable history of the nation.

It has been a long-standing tradition of The Kanoo Group to celebrate the UAE National Day which is hosted with a banquet and a special get-together for senior leaders as well as staff from various departments. The recent episode again captured the Emirati spirit, filled with fun and excitement, with employees wearing scarves and badges bearing the ag of the union.

For more than 4 decades, the people of the UAE have witnessed the rise of the country and its society in excellence and high competitiveness in the global level which they all share with sense of pride and celebration for the success and accomplishments of the UAE.

Senior management including Ms. Maha Kanoo, Mr. P.S. Ganapathi and Mr. Bob Curtis also took part in the colorful showcase of traditional celebration and feast as a mark of achievement and story of development of the country.

The Kanoo Group, being one of the largest family-owned conglomerates in the region established in the late 18th century, also shared this progress that contributed to the nation building efort for the past years.

At present, The Kanoo Group is looking forward to a sustainable future as a social responsible entity to further serve its customers in shipping, travel, machinery, logistics, property, oil & gas, power industrial chemicals, training, joint ventures, retail and commercial activities, among others.